Smartphone spare parts section

This section is concerned with receiving spare parts from international origins This section contains all the services that are provided to clients and customers.


Mobile phone maintenance department

One of the first workshops in Najaf, Iraq, 18 years ago, specialized in providing maintenance services for devices, especially mobile devices and iPads. The department has a specialized professional cadre subject to a high level of training.

Accessories department

This section means providing all kinds of mobile phone accessories from various international agencies

Games Department

The games section provides everything that gamers need in terms of accessories Especially for PlayStation and XBOX devices, including headphones and grips Control for SONY and MICROSOFT with all cards available Electronic products of all categories for home consoles with the availability of all games Modern and exclusive, and also provides a car simulator for home appliances from the company Logitech, PXN and other international companies.

Computers Department

This section includes a large number of computers, including high-performance computers.That meets the needs of content makers and gamers from all international companies, LENOVO MSI ASUS DELL ACER HP All Air Macbook pro Macbook APPLE products are also available iMac with its accessories including bags and a protective cover with network devices from all international companies

Sim card and credit cards department

Paying the salaries of smart card holders and all Iraqi banks Issuing MasterCard, VisaCard or prepaid cards for all Iraqi banks. Top-up of MasterCard, VisaCard or prepaid cards for all Iraqi banks. The ability to withdraw and deposit from all electronic wallets (Zain Cash, Asia Hawala, Nass Walt, Fast Buy, ...... etc. Selling and printing all electronic cards (iTunes, B-Store, Amazon, eBay, ... etc.) and all prepaid balances.The possibility of linking all MasterCard cards or other payment methods on the communication sites finance and solve all problems related to it.Providing recharge cards for all companies operating in Iraq (Asia, Zain, Korek, Umniah, IraqSale) Providing mobile cards for all companies operating in Iraq (Asia, Zain, Korek, Umniah, Iraqcell) Availability of special numbers categories for all companies operating in Iraq (Asia, Zain, Korek, security, Iraq Sale).

Wholesale accessories department

This section provides all kinds of accessories for shop owners in quantities and wholesale prices

Electronics department

A set of tools and devices needed by technicians and specialists in the field of Mobile and other electronic equipment maintenance. A set of software tools such as boxes, dongles and programmers that It deals with iPhone and Android, which is considered one of the basics of the maintenance workshop.

Department of Media

Managing the company's social media (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram) Direct response to customer calls Managing “online” orders to all parts of Iraq from within the company Promotion and e-marketing Receiving customer complaints Delivery Services

Other services

Smart home 

Safety and protection systems
energy systems

Equipping government and private institutions