About Us



It is one of the leading companies in the world of communications
And electronics trade in Najaf Al-Ashraf Governorate. The company started in
Its work is through establishing an office for trading mobile devices and accessories in
2005. Then the business gradually developed through registering the company in a form
Officially in 2009, leading up to opening other branches and obtaining more.
One of the well-known international trade agencies in the electronics trade sectors.

the mission

The constant and continuous striving for the company to be part of the sector’s companies
The most distinguished in its field of work, which meets the needs of customers and satisfies
Their aspirations through the use of skilled labor and the use of
Advanced technology in work support.


Promoting to the highest levels of excellence that make the company a center of trust.
And leadership in its field of work at the local and international levels and in a manner appropriate
Customer needs and conforms to quality and performance standards approved by
Relevant parties to be your first choice.