About Us


ALRasan Telecom Company is one of the leading com-
panies in the world of communications and electron-
ics trade in the holy city of Najaf. The company started its
work by establishing an office to trade in mobile devices and ac-
cessories in 2005. Then the work gradually developed through
the official registration of the company in 2009 leading to the
opening of other branches and obtaining more well-known
global commercial agencies in the electronics trade sectors.



Years Experience


Ensuring to provide the best services to individuals and companies and to put the slogan “customer satisfaction” as a goal that we always strive to achieve. Creating a local and national work envi- ronment of a character consistent with the history and originality of the company, taking into account the requirements of modernity and development.


Upgrading to the highest levels of excellence that make the company a center of trust and leadership in its field of work at the local and international levels, in a way that is commensurate with the needs of customers and conforms to the quality and performance standards ap- .proved by the relevant authorities, to be your first choice

Our mission

Constant and continuous striving for the company to be part of the most distinguished private sector companies in its field of work that meet the needs of customers and sat- isfy their aspirations through the use of skilled manpower and the use of advanced technology in supporting work.

About the nature of work​

 A private company operating in accordance with Iraqi laws and regulations, established in 2009. It specializes in trading all kinds of electronic devices in all its divisions. It is considered the ide- al choice to provide the best services while providing innovative solutions in the field of trade and maintenance of electronics and communications with the highest levels of international quality through a distinguished elite of engineering cadres and techni- .cians with experience and competence


Work to open new branches of the company in all gov- ernorates. Raising the level of efficiency of the functional staff, developing their work skills, and benefiting from the ex- periences accumulated over the long years of hard work. Enhancing joint cooperation and coordination with lo- cal and international companies and institutions to in- crease work efficiency and provide the best. Responding to market changes according to changes in the Iraqi situation, in a way that meets the consumer’s need and achieves the company’s supreme goals. Expansion of the company’s activities through the in- troduction of additional business lines at the same level approved by the company.



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